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    Aries Horoscope: 21 July 2012

    General: Arguments and general disagreements are becoming a thing of the past in your household, and largely to do with someone’s intervening or a different approach to discipline.Turning your back on a problem won’t get you anywhere.In fact, you could do everyone an injustice by not getting involved here.

    Love: A day of nostalgia and domesticity emphasizing a need for security and a sense of roots. Family, home, relatives, and romance play a bigger part in your life. You want to belong with someone on a private, intimate and very personal level. You need to be needed, and to feel it’s okay to have needs.


    Aries Horoscope: 20 July 2012

    There can be a challenge felt now and this week regarding your desire to be free and to act on impulses and the responsibilities you may have to others, dear Aries, particularly a partner. A partner could feel like a real heavy right now, or a relationship may feel somewhat like a burden. There are many different things to tend to now, and the delays you’re experiencing can certainly frustrate, but they can also slow you down enough to handle things with more caution and accuracy.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Good ~ Business: Fair


    Aries Horoscope: 19 July 2012

    Today, the New Moon begins a cycle in which dynamic energy is brought to your domestic world, dear Aries. Approximately four weeks ago, a New Moon occurred in this same sector. If you want to make changes on the home front, whether it’s literally in your home or with your domestic routines, or about family relationships, or even about your relationship with your inner self, this is the cycle for doing so. You’re likely to feel the need regardless of whether you plan it or not, and it’s about taking charge of your personal life. The improvements you make, of course, will affect all areas of your life, as the sector of your chart that’s lit up now is all about your roots.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Good ~ Business: Good


    Aries Horoscope: 18 July 2012

    General: If you’ve been postponing one or two days away, don’t do so any longer.Finding a quite sanctuary in which you can share your deepest feelings and thoughts with someone you trust may help you immensely.

    Love: You may be feeling somewhat insecure about your current love relationship and unsure how to relieve your fears because you’re not really sure what is sparking your feelings of insecurity. If you can’t identify something in your mate that is causing your doubts, look to your past experiences for the cause. It’s likely you’re comparing your current relationship with a past bond that ended on a bad note. While there may be similarities, your current romance is very different and very unlikely to go down the same road as any of your past loves.


    Aries Horoscope: 17 July 2012

    Be careful not to come on so strong or insistently that you become an instigator today, dear Aries. This will be especially important in dealings with authority figures or other professional matters. You can be provocative without meaning to be, and should watch for impatience and a defensive manner that doesn’t work for you well.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Good


    Aries Horoscope: 16 July 2012

    Communication is key right now, dear Aries. Even though there may be some difficulties getting your message across in general these days, your mind is open to learning from the past, particularly when it comes to love relationships. It’s also a good time to revisit old creative projects or ideas that you didn’t have time to pursue or complete.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Good ~ Business: Good


    Aries Horoscope: 15 July 2012

    Be a little braver than usual today, Aries. Take some risks and show others that you have the strength to accomplish anything. There is a lively, anxious feeling to the day that could make you restless. This energy is encouraging you to get up and get going. Initiate something rather than wait for someone else to take the lead. Don’t be afraid to fail. You’ll never succeed if you don’t try.

    Aries Horoscope: 14 July 2012

    Mercury turns retrograde in your romance and creativity sector today, dear Aries, where it will put emphasis on expressing yourself creatively in the coming weeks (until August 8th), although some snags can occur. Keep in mind that your communications may not always be taken in the way you intend. Mercury’s retrograde may bring some fogginess in the areas of romance and creativity for you in the coming three weeks, but it’s also a chance to tap into a different perspective on these matters.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: ~ Business: Fair


    Aries Horoscope: 13 july 2012

    Emotional ups and downs are likely again today, dear Aries. Energies are best for focusing on one thing at a time right now, so set aside some hours alone, if possible. Uranus turning retrograde in your sign brings a slowdown in your personal plans, largely due to some second-guessing. This may be very necessary, so try to look beyond the temporary frustration.
      Creativity: Excellent ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Fair


    Aries Horoscope: 12 July 2012

    You’ve been making big changes in the way you express yourself recently, dear Aries, and possibly in your home, career, and partnerships as well. Inner changes have been translated to the outside world, and totally new experiences have been sought, but with Uranus turning retrograde early tomorrow, changes are internalized. The next months are excellent for better understanding what personality traits, fears, and attitudes are limiting you from moving forward independently and authentically.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Good ~ Business: Fair


    Aries Horoscope: 11 July 2012

    Sometimes you’re so sensitive that you imagine slights where there are none, dear Aries. Let your guard down today. While your emotions are brought very much to the fore again today, they begin to settle later, and your more realistic, patient approach to the world calms you and those around you. Focus is very much on what you have, in the present, instead of concerns about what you don’t have.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Good ~ Business: Good


    Aries Horoscope: 10 July 2012

    There can be a feeling of frustration today as attempts to move forward seem to be thwarted in little, irritating ways, dear Aries. There can be a standstill with an authority figure, or simply a delay that restricts you from taking action. Relations with those close to you can feel a little off tonight - as if you’re getting in the way of each other.
      Creativity: Fair ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Good


    Aries Horoscope: 9 July 2012

    Relationship dynamics are tricky right now, dear Aries, and it doesn’t help matters much that you are especially sensitive to the interplays. Don’t get swallowed up into a game someone’s playing. Avoid playing games yourself. The indirect energy of the day is not your natural style, so you may be feeling a little at odds with others as a result. Nevertheless, as the day progresses, you’re likely to feel more confident and purposeful. Good news may be part of that picture.
      Creativity: Good ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Fair


    Aries Horoscope: 8 July 2012

    You have an appetite for something more than the usual, dear Aries, and this desire for change can bring interesting circumstances into your life, but it can also be confusing. Be wary of giving off mixed signals, or worse, having double standards. You don’t want to be told what to do right now, so be careful that you don’t take on that role with someone dear to you. The temptation may be to push when someone backs away, or to retreat when someone pushes you - not the best time for healthy relating patterns, but consider that you might need some personal space.
      Creativity: Fair ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Fair


    Aries Horoscope: 7 July 2012

    Emotionally, you might be feeling a bit off today, dear Aries. Reading between the lines is just fine, but avoid getting to the point that you’re downright suspicious. The tendency to doubt people in your life is very strong now. Your intimate partner is like your mirror providing a reflection for self-knowledge, but today, your own insecurities may obscure the picture. Emotional boredom can lead you astray, so keep things light. Don’t create a crisis just to feel needed.
      Creativity: Fair ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Good